Brain DHA Delivery

A small clinical trial from USC provides important clues about this discrepancy, in the first Alzheimer’s prevention study to compare levels of omega-3s in the blood with those in the central nervous system. The findings suggest that higher doses of omega-3 supplements may be needed in order to make a difference because dramatic increases in blood levels of omega-3s are accompanied by far smaller increases within the brain. Among participants who carry a specific mutation that heightens the risk for Alzheimer’s, taking the supplements raised levels of a key fatty acid far less compared to those without the mutation.

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Fig. 1: Consort diagram. From 117 participants screened for eligibility, 33 were randomized into placebo (n = 15, APOE4=7, non-APOE4=8) and DHA (n = 18, APOE4=8, non-APOE4=10) treatment arms.

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